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Hello and Happy Monday, tigers! I hope your week is off to the best start and you are feeling excited and expectant for what the Lord will do for you this week! Last week, we heard from Jeff Norris from Perimeter Church. Jeff spoke about The Gospel, and what that means as opposed to the four gospels in the Bible.

Jeff started by talking about how most of us know “partial Gospel.” The most well-known pieces of the Gospel are 1.We are sinners and 2.Jesus is the savior of sinners. That partial Gospel is definitely a good thing, but there is even more goodness in the Gospel that that piece doesn’t cover.

From there, he went on to speak on the five pillars of the Gospel in the Bible and how those five pillars compose the Big Picture Gospel that points toward our Big Picture Jesus.

Five Pillars of The Gospel:

1. Creation

The Gospel starts with what is true of God. Jeff started talking about the pillars with discussing how God is more magnificent and than we can even imagine and how He is unlike anything we have ever known. We have to be confident in the magnitude of His glory in order to understand that He is the only one who could have accomplished the creation of the world.

2. The Fall

And then, Satan showed up…

Satan deceived and creation fell. This pillar is important because it discusses the big sin that is covered and that we are redeemed from through our even bigger savior. Sin destroyed and tainted creation, but the Lord sent Jesus to protect what He loves. We are born into a life of sin because of this pillar, but Jesus can and will rescue us from the team of destruction and bring us to the team of life.


We needed a rescue and the Lord provided. This pillar focuses on the grace that the Lord gives to all who ask. Grace was defined like this: We fully deserve wrath, but the Lord gives us forgiveness instead. I thought Jeff described it wonderfully when he compared it to a grade in school. Grace is like if a teacher gave us a 100 on a test when we really deserved a 0, we bring nothing to the table but He gave it all up to save us and give us a beautiful present of forgiveness. We think we are bringing more to the table than we are but in all reality, we are NOTHING without Him.


This pillar focuses on being made more like Christ. This is the change and restoration into what we are intended to be as God’s own, personal creation. Jesus is living through us in a way that restores the world around us through our actions. Those Christ-like actions point back to the glory of the Lord.


Finally, there will be a day when Jesus returns and The Gospel is complete. What a glorious day that will be! The restoration will become complete when He returns and everything will be good and pure. We will be glorified in His presence.

I hope this message gives you encouragement and provides you with a tool for becoming a witness to what the Lord has done for all of us. I pray that you use this information to help others understand what The Gospel truly means and the magnificence of the story that the Lord wrote for us. He truly did write this for YOU and He has shown up to rescue you.

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