The Juice 10/17

Happy Monday and happy Homecoming Week, Tigers! I hope that you are all feeling refreshed and are ready for another incredible week in Clemson. 

Last Thursday at FCA, we heard from Roy Geesey. We heard about his story and about how we all need to surrender our lives to Jesus in order to truly follow Him. He spoke about his struggle with substance abuse and connected his story to our lives. We constantly struggle with sin and regardless of what that sin is, it pulls us further away from the Lord. 

Roy said “When sin gets ahold of you, it makes a mess of you.” I think when we are consumed by sin we truly feel like that “mess” that Roy was talking about. When we trust that temptation more than we trust the Lord’s plan, our life seems to crumble around us. Despite all of this, it is still hard to walk away when you are consumed by sin. 

Even though it’s hard to walk away from temptations, I can promise you that it is so worth the commitment and struggle you will go through to let go of those sins. When the Lord opens your eyes and you see the idols you have been serving and the sins you have been living in, you will want to do anything to move away from those sins and move closer to Him.  

Jesus does not call us to live a life in which we walk as close to the “line” of sin as possible. If we are attempting to do anything but follow Him, then we are living in sin. Jesus calls us to follow Him, to surrender to Him, and to love Him. Jesus calls us to know Him, not just know about Him. 

I want to call all of you to take a look at your life and refocus on the Lord. Even when you are at your worst, Jesus sees the best in you and your sins, no matter how big they may seem, they are never too much for Him to handle. 

Roy Geesey taught us about the act of surrender and how important it is to submit our lives as a Christ follower. Surrender yourself to Him and live a life chasing after the Lord and I promise you will be more fulfilled by Him than you ever were by a life of sin.

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