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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

This week we welcomed Sam Breen from Grace Midtown to FCA. Sam talked on grace, but more specifically on how to use God’s grace purposefully.

To begin, Sam stated that grace comes at no cost and we are constantly invited to accept God’s grace. We can accept God’s grace at any point in our life, but God urges us to continue growing after accepting his grace rather than staying complacent with decisions. By accepting God’s grace, we are given the opportunity to produce the fruit of the Lord rather than just consume it. God’s intention behind the gift of grace is to use you because you have so much potential to grow and spread the fruits of the Lord.

Sam continued talking about grace by providing ways that we can use God’s grace with purpose.

1. Be present and open your eyes

In John 5:17-19, Jesus says that we cannot do anything alone, but that we can only do what the Lord does. We are so blind to the things that are happening around us that we don’t even see how God is moving in our lives. Our eyes aren’t open to see and our ears aren’t to listen. We are are so wrapped up in our world that we pass by multiple people a day who are probably hurting on the inside. God calls us to go out and meet the needs of those around us because the needs around you will only be fixed by the community near you. In the end, we want to be in a constant partnership not only with God, but also with our community.

2. Take Risks

In Matthew 10:8, it calls us to go out and help people. We are so afraid of failure that we are more comfortable not trying than trying and failing. During Sam’s talk, he emphasized that failure is not a sin, but sin is a failure. If we try something and it doesn’t work out, it not a sin. God constantly tells us that we are not in control of everything, so if something doesn’t go according to plan, it doesn’t mean that we have failed, but rather that we weren’t meant to pursue that path. Since we are so caught up in what could go wrong, we forget to take risks. We need to be reminded that Jesus took the biggest of them all and left his spot in heaven to come down to earth and be with us. This was not something that he had to do, but rather a risk he took to save us. We don’t have to be perfect like Jesus in order to be used by God, but we do need to have faith that God will be with us when we take risks and help guide us no matter what the outcome is.

3. Start the journey and find freedom along the way

In Galatians 5:1, it states that Christ has set us free and we should not be burned by the weight of our sin. We need to believe that the Lord is going to use us and give our life purpose in order to serve his kingdom. We are constantly striving to have an impact in the earthly world, but that is a role that we cannot fill and is something that always weighs us down rather than lifts us up. By serving the kingdom of God, you will no longer worry about how to be worthy or significant, but rather filled with joy because you will know that the Lord has a purpose for you and is carrying it out right now.

Through Sam, he taught us what it means to accept God’s grace, but also how we should use that grace to better God’s kingdom.

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