The Juice 8/22

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

What a great first week at Clemson FCA! Last Thursday we had the privilege of hearing from Matt Humphrey from Renovation church.

Matt reminded us about this exciting season of life that we are all going through and how we have an important decision to make; are we going to live our life for God? Or live our life for ourselves?

We looked at Joshua 24:14-18 and Revelations 3:14-19.

These passages showed us what God says about lukewarm Christianity and worshiping other gods, including ourselves. When following the Lord there is no middle ground. You are either living for Him or living for yourself.

So, we have a very important decision to make. What side are we going to chose? Who are we going to live for? Matt gave us four points:

1. Make a decision and live it out.

2. Trust Him with your obedience.

3. Submit yourself to the process of being refined.

4. Are you chasing comfort or your calling?

Matt then reminded us of the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-31. What character are you from this story? Are you the wayward son, finally getting freedom and doing your own thing? Are you the older son that has grown accustomed to the father’s love? Has the message of the cross lost its wonder in our hearts? Or are you the son that has come home and are in hot pursuit of the Father?

God’s arms are open waiting for us to run home to him. What decision will we make?

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