The Juice 9/12

Happy Monday, Clemson FCA! What a joy it is to start another week at the best university! We had an absolutely amazing time last Thursday! We were truly blessed to hear from Kyle Hammill for our this semester’s last FCA in the Amphitheater. 

Kyle walked through the creation story in Genesis 1 through Genesis 3 and helped us understand the story and God’s reaction after the original sin in a different light than we may have before. 

Starting in the beginning, in Genesis 1:1, Kyle discussed the creation of Earth. He also explained the role of the trinity through John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In this verse, the Word is in reference to Jesus, pointing back to the creation and helping us understand that God as the Trinity was, indeed, there from the beginning. 

After going through Genesis 1 and 2, describing the creation of life on earth, the creation of Adam, and the creation of Eve as Adam’s counterpart and companion, Kyle moved into a discussion of the fall of mankind. 

In the message, Kyle stated that for a lot of people, it is easy to see God in a more negative light after Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden. He explained that, because we were not meant to experience evil, keeping them out of the garden was a merciful action. Defining this action as mercy may seem opposite of your initial thoughts, but if you think about it, it makes sense. 

God was merciful by moving Adam and Eve away from the garden by preventing them from having to live eternity in the presence of evil. If they were allowed to stay in the garden and continue to eat from the tree of life, then they would have lived in their human form for eternity. If this had occurred, they would have also been separated from God for eternity because God and evil do not coexist. By allowing them to move out of the garden and move into a situation where, one day, their souls, and by default our souls, could be reunited with him, God performed a beautiful act of grace. 

When Adam and Eve sinned, they, for the first time, felt shame. This shame was not something of God and wasn’t something they knew how to handle on their own. We, like Adam and Eve, often feel shame for our past sins. We try to cover up those sins and present our lives as “whole” but we are called to live in freedom. That freedom is given to us by God through His mercy. The knowledge that He so beautifully formed our lives and at the end of our time here on Earth is the knowledge that helps us experience his mercy. Live in that freedom. 

As you go through your week, live in freedom through the knowledge of God’s mercy. You were made in His image. You are loved, even if you feel like you are coming to Him in pieces. 

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