The Juice 9/26

Hey Clemson FCA! We had another great FCA on Thursday night in Tillman. Glenn Batson from Newspring Church came to share John 21 with us.

Glenn preached on shame. In our life we all have times where we feel shame and feel like we should run from God. Glenn gave us five steps on how we can start dealing with our shame in a healthy way.

1. Even when you’ve blown it … don’t go back

In John 21:1-3, we see Peter feeling shame from denying God, so he returns back to fishing. This is what Peter thought was easy, knew, and felt comfortable with. Peter went out to fish and he caught nothing. Even when you’ve blown it don’t go back to what is easy. Don’t go back to the things you were doing before you were a follower of Jesus. Following Jesus is hard, but your life without Jesus is nothing.

2. Even when you’ve blown it … Jesus called you friend

In John 21: 4-6, Jesus goes out to the shore to talk to the fisherman. Peter has betrayed God and turned his back on Him, but the first thing Jesus does is call him friend. Jesus told the fisherman to throw their net on the right side of the boat to catch fish. Peter and the other fisherman did exactly what he said, and they caught dozens and dozens of fish. Some people think that God will only bless you when you do something good for him, and that is not true.

3. Even when you’ve blown it … Jesus wants you to run towards him

In John 21: 7-8 Peter finds out that it is Jesus on the shore and he immediately jumps out of the boat and swims towards Jesus. When I struggle with shame the last thing I want to do is be in the presence of God. We aren’t supposed to hide, we are supposed to run into his presence. Hiding from God creates distance but running to God in your shame allows you to see his true character of kindness, gentleness, patience. When you hide in your shame you are the only one turning your back, God is not going anywhere. Don’t believe the lie of shame that you have to clean yourself up before you can be in his presence, the only thing you need to do is run straight into his presence when you feel shame.

4. Even when you’ve blown it … Jesus wants to lovingly deal with your wound

In John 21: 9-17 Jesus is feeding the fisherman a warm breakfast and reminding Peter of his purpose. He is reminding Peter of his purpose and reminding him of his future. He doesn’t want to shame Peter; he wants to heal Peter. God still has plans for Peter, and he isn’t done with him yet. He is restoring Peter and emphasizing his future and his calling. God wants to heal your wounds.

5. Even when you’ve blown it … Jesus still says follow me

In John 21: 18-19 Jesus reextends the same invitation to follow him even after Peter turned his back against God. Even when we sin, feel shame, hide, we can still run to God. We can let him heal our wounds and follow his calling for us. Jesus is reminding Peter that he has already died for his shame. He already died on the cross so that we can be healed from our shame. We have to run into his presence and let God deal with our wounds. No matter what we do, God will always be there saying follow me.

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