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The Communications Team is responsible for all forms of communication with the students of Clemson FCA! Communications writes the weekly email to students, runs The FCA Project podcast, and maintains the FCA website! Each year, our Communications Director is also tasked with praying and inviting speakers for our Thursday gatherings. This team creates space for students to stay connected to and be encouraged by all the Lord is doing in Clemson FCA.

Communications Director

Walker Reed

Walker Reed MAIN 1.jpg


The FCA Creative Team is responsible for creating and managing all the visual elements for Clemson FCA. This includes Photography, Videography, Social Media accounts, etc. More so than just creating cool visuals, the Creative Team exists to help put a face to FCA and make sure that people know what’s happening with the ministry. Since we’re all made in the image of God, our goal is to reflect our Creator and use the gifts that he’s given us to promote his kingdom here on Earth through the ministry of Clemson FCA.

Olivia Horne MAIN 1.jpg

Creative Director

Olivia Horne



The heart of the Events Team is to provide a space, outside of Thursday nights, where the Clemson FCA community can inclusively come together in a way that is glorifying to the Lord. It is a time for first-timers as much as it is for hundredth-timers, everyone is welcome. The Events Team works hard to continuously establish a community around FCA, through planning events like our fall retreat "Big Chill," all shags and formals, and other events during the school year.

Event Coordinator

Frankie Seeby

Frankie Seeby MAIN 3.jpg


Our Finance Team is a group of Clemson students, driven by faith in Jesus, who are willing to sacrifice time and energy behind the scenes, so that FCA can run properly throughout the year. This team’s responsibilities include support letters, concessions, organizing family weekend, other fundraisers, allocating money for other teams, and a variety of other jobs. The purpose of the Finance Team is to foster and take care of The Lord’s blessings to this ministry, as we continue to trust his provision and give all the glory to His Great Name!

Allison Spirek MAIN 3.jpg

Finance Director

Allison Spirek



Missions are about loving people because we were loved first through action. God sent His son to earth to give us the Gospel, so we get to go share it with others. In these serving environments, students get outside of their comfort zone and live out the mission placed on their lives as believers to make known the name of Jesus. No matter what country, state, or county, we get to live out this mission and show the love of Christ just by showing up.

Missions Director

Eden Thompson

Eden Thompson MAIN 1.jpg
Prayer and Encouragment

Prayer and Encouragement

The Prayer and Encouragement team is a group of students who passionately seek the spirit and voice of God. Their goal is to love, uplift, and intercede for the body of FCA as well as our Clemson Campus. They meet twice a week to pray for God’s will to be done, for the sick, and the needs and the wants of our Clemson Campus. On Thursday nights at FCA during the last worship set, the Prayer and Encouragement team offers themselves to anyone who needs prayer or encouragement to keep pursuing their walk with God with everything they have. They are here for you!

Faith Kotkin MAIN 2.jpg

Prayer and Encouragement

Faith Kotkin



The production team is centered around serving people. We do this through setting up and tearing down the audio-visual equipment every week so we can worship and receive from God’s Word. The production team partners with the worship team to create a distraction free environment so people can meet with God in community with one another.  Without fail, the production team finds a greater joy serving the body of FCA every week. 

Production Director

Carter Wessinger

Carter Wessinger MAIN 1.jpg


Our worship team is a group of musically talented, but more importantly, spirit driven students, who lead worship for all of FCA on Thursday nights. They practice at various times during the week prior to Thursdays, and are a blessing to FCA as they commit so much time and effort to making our worship what it is. Worship team partners with production team to create a unique space for Clemson students to come and worship the One True God together.

Joseph Grech MAIN 1.jpg

Worship Leader

Joseph Grech

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